Back in February this year, I opted to display some of my MTT results to gain some investor interest with a few BAPs I was planning to create on PSO.


I’ve decided to continue in a similar direction, and take a snapshot of my half-yearly results, with the intention of being able to look back a year or two from now, and see what I have been able to accomplish.

The stats. and info. displayed in this post contain specific game formats taken between 01/02/2014 to 25/07/2014, which is close enough to a 6 month sample. 

Some tournaments have been not been tagged correctly according to their speed format. This is a HM2 specific issue, and I have not updated these tournaments from a maintenance standpoint.  I don’t know why they can’t fix this.


Similar to the initial MTT results post, I have provided a cross-section of tournament results across 3 buyin/game types:

1. $7.00 - $33.00 MTT (Reg, Turbo, Hyper)

I’ve increased the cap to $33 as I have registered for these BI’s with much more frequency.  25% of total games were more than $11 BI, but the $11 MTTs account for the most regularly played BI with 50% of total games played.  Not quite a good half year result for my favorite MTT, The BIG16.50.. but still cashing in it nonetheless.

Graph Winnings (click on image for larger size - will open a new window)


2. $1.10 - $6.00 MTT (Reg, Turbo, Hyper)

Surprised to see how many games I still play at these BI’s, but the most telling part of this graph is how dramatic the game adjustments have been in the micros shortly after I shipped the B3.30 in March.  This adjustment somewhat transposes over to the 7-33 graph.

Graph Winnings (click on image for larger size - will open a new window)


Since the end of last year, I’ve put in a lot of effort towards so many parts of my game.  But if I could write a pseudo/quasi -negative point about my poker development this year is that I’ve actually dropped to Chrome status once this year, because I simply am not putting in a lot of volume.  This is because I’ve strictly set a maximum table limit for myself while playing so I can maintain table focus and develop meta dynamics/adjustments vs villain types and realize gameflow tendencies… you simply can’t develop this part of the game while 16 tabling.  Well, I can’t anyway.

I guess it can be cool to be a Chrome Star or a Silver Star.. if you’re showing a profit!