Since relocating to a new house, I haven’t been able to spend as much time playing online as I’d like to, but have used this time not playing, to intensely review certain areas in my game.  The recent results have showed with 3 Turbo and 2 Hyper FT's in the last month.  For me, this is a great set of results as I’ve been keen to see some FT action for a couple months now.  I’m feel great in how I am playing right now.. but I know I can do much much more.


So I’ve decided to leverage the majority of the winnings from MTTs and SNGs to sign up with a coach in order to elevate my game to the next level or 10.  I also realized that choosing a “coach” would be by no means, an easy task.

At one stage during my previous life, I had been trained as an instructor in my professional career.. so I have a clue or two at what it takes to be an educator.  There are so many top level players out there offering coaching services, but not everyone has the ability to effectively teach and provide the tools/constructs for students to learn progressively.  Having said this, there is much requirement for the student to put in the “effort” to elevate his/her game as well, but being a top tier player doesn’t necessarily mean you are a top tier coach.

After doing some ground-work in engaging referees and understanding some of the coaches’ learning methodologies, materials and their ability to articulate scenarios.. I’ve narrowed my choices to 3 absolute MTT sickos who I think have great skills as coaches.. AND who are within my budget. 

Hopefully the end-of-year results will result in a number of milestones achieved - meaning that I’ve made a good decision in choosing the right coach for me, and that I have stepped up the “sicko” part in my game.


GL at the tables..