Wow how things have changed since February, when I decided to offer my first BAP here on PSO.  It was a great 1st time experience and went on to offer a few more here.  Again, I would recommend anyone thinking or considering about putting up a piece of their action here, to JUST DO IT!


Like with my earlier posts in my blog, namely about submitting hand histories for review, you will greatly broaden your "thinking" about this game, and develop greater ability to subjectively critique your own game.  As for offering pieces of my own action, doing so has toughened mental aspects of the way I play this game.

And while I don't offer BAPs here now, I would like to share a recent (and current) experience I have with the latest BAP I have offered.

I decided to package up a SCOOP-L series of MTTs (and a few Big11's thrown in) a few days ago;  18MTTs in total, where I offered 50% of action.  To be honest, I'd be happy if I had my usual and loyal backers "The Usual Suspects" grab a few %'s, as I'm playing regardless anyway.

To my surprise I had 3 new investors "The Newcomers" re-invest (from a previous BAP) to buy 16% action in total.. fantastic! 

But to my even greater surprise, Casey Kastle (CK, pictured below) "The Unexpected" bought out the remaining 16% of my action.  Obviously, the one of the 1st things that came to mind was... "Huh? why would he buy my action?!?" He didn't just buy 1% or 2%.. he bought out 16%!  After a few minutes of thinking what this meant - since I just sold out my SCOOP package - I came up with quite a simple thought, "This is very very cool."

CK may not be in the lime light/spot light often like the usual suspect "high-flyers" that have their name dropped at every televised event.. but he's been around for a long long time. 

Regardless, I want them to know and I hope they know (already), I'll be gunning my hardest and be playing my best for this event.

I'm now really excited to be playing in 14 SCOOP events, with my regular backers, new backers, and a long-time pro railing me hopefully for a big score!


Thanks for reading..

Humbled by the experience and opportunity.