Lately I haven't been using a HUD to force me to action some of the meta adjustments I've realized I should be making at the 11s in various situations, and have been using the micros to experiment with this.

But I've also been putting in some practice for some of the upcoming MM event and chose to play some of the big field micro MTTs, namely The Big 2.20.  Here is a summary of the last B2.20 played:

-Enjoyed the sun while having a coffee or two at the cafe down the road, then

-Walked to the shopping centre to buy a sub for lunch.

-Took a 1.5 hour bath. (baths are +EV for mental state imo)

-Took a shower. (showers are +EV for daily hygiene)

-Walked to the cinemas and bought tickets to see 300 Rise of an Empire.  It was movie night with the missus. (Eva Green... rawwwr.  If you haven't seen Kingdom of Heaven, do it).

-Did my daily 5km walk by the river.

-Prepped dinner.


Up until I FT bubbled it was 7hrs 45min of game time... and this is when grinding 1 table couldn't be more productive, as I did all the above while playing the tourny using my mobile.