For years, even before I started playing online,  I used to play live tournys alot.  I don't get to do that anymore since the group of people I used to play live with, have moved on with their lives.. and simply we don't have time to play live regularly anymore.

This Friday will be different.  Three of us will get together for a live game at one of league games.  Thinking about it, it's been at least 3 years since I last played live, so to get out on the real felt should be fun and I'm sure it'll bring back a few memories.  I highly doubt that we will take the game serious though, even though it will be a $22 rebuy/addon deepstack game with some overlay ontop, maybe a meat tray. No. That's a raffle ticket prize. Actually, I do want to ship it.

What's funny is, the more I think about it..  how would I profile the people I usually come across regularly online - what they would be like (image-wise) at the real tables.

Typical degen? (GarethC23, self-confessed) Hoodie/sunnies? Shorts/Tshirt?  Scruffy looking with BO? (hate that)  Eye candy? (yes please)  How about the guy who's just finished work dressed up in a collar? What about that guy who tries to chat up as much poker knowledge to you as possible? (haha bad move)

I have trouble picturing what a troll would look like though.  I did search and found this pic... hideous.

Natural progression...  I searched for beautiful troll, and found this. 

As for me?  I think you wouldn't even notice me at the tables if I was there.. well that's what I'd like to think.  Playing tunes plugged in one ear, listening out the other... that's my style.  Sunnies? No!  Have had bad experiences putting in purples because they look similar to blues.

I could only find 1 photo of a guy on playing at the tables with 1 ear piece plugged in.  Pity I can't rep. anyone famous.

I think it will be a good chance to catch up, have several beers..  but hopefully not too much to be slurring ALLL EEEEN.  Yeh, it should be a fun night!  I hope I don't rebuy too much... I need to catch a taxi going home.