Well rested as usual, so feeling good today.  Ran deep in the 10K.. always a lull when you make the last 50 and don't quite get there.  It's like bubbling ITM   Awful beat in the 60K - standard suckout.  Fine with me.




1. Didn't do too much into stats yesterday.  But did find something that stood out straight away.  I'm on a downswing... funnily enough, it started when the BAS started. 

Feb10 - Feb19, 61 MTT, 5% ITM, -92% ROI

Jan31 - Feb9, 77 MTT, 13.0% ITM, 56% ROI

OK so maybe 60 odd MTTs is not a big downswing, but then again I don't grind these out at 20-50 a day.  So it is for me, especially when not going deep in the micros as these tournys I do well in.

2. Consider adding in $8.80 8K as have FT'd this tourny 3 times in an 80 game sample, but no top finishes. 

3. But then I can't call it OneOne anymore.

4. Is the current game selection ideal for moving up in a regular stake?