This is part 2 of a HH that Dave reviewed for me, which solely covers final table play.  Like part 1 of the blog post, I was really excited to watch these videos again. 

The lesson is actually split into (3) videos, so it is quite long.  So what I thought I'd do is briefly summarize the hands reviewed, then you can choose what video picks your interest.

Notes are split into (3) parts. 

1. Hand/Position

2. Action

3. Key Considerations


Hope you enjoy the videos!  Feel free to drop a comment on any of the hands..


If you missed part 1, you can find the links here.

Video 1

88 MP. 3bet isolating EP short stack raiser with bigger stacks behind.  Bet sizing.

K7s BvB. Raise sizing vs opponent type / image.

AKo on BTN. 3bet isolation vs the top 2 stacks.  Position / big stack pressure and dynamics.

Video 2

QQ on BTN.   CB sizing vs 15BB caller on dry flop.  Considerations on future hands when using smaller sizing.

44 on CO.  Calling IP vs 3bet from BB (3rd in chips).  4B options / post flop play / floating flop x/r vs BB range vs 3b flop vs big stack pressure with reads.  [great discussion on topic]

Video 3

QQ UTG. 2nd chip call IP vs 22BB 3B squeeze jam (3rd in chips) from BB.  Call vs reraise iso / HU ranges / Play considerations vs 2nd in chips [great discussion on topic]

A7o on BTN. fold vs EP min raise.  Missed opportunity / Stack pressure

A4o on BTN. fold vs 10BB shove. Calling range vs shoving range.