Whiting! Yes.. whiting!  Actually this is probably the closest phonetic sound to Fighting! in the Korean language. In the Korean language it looks like this... 파이팅! or 화이팅!

What the word suggests is actually that.. Fighting!  It is used in competition (obviously), but also in other aspects of everyday life and work. Koreans use this word in nearly every day speech.

Just as an example, I hear this everyday, multiple times.  My partner is Korean and she says this to me at the end of a phone conversation when she's at work.  She knows I always have a game or 2 on, so when she says this to me, she is essentially saying.. Go for it!, Do your best!, etc etc.  But when you use the word, it has a receprocative action.. meaning that when she says that to me, I have to reply back with Fighting! too    That's how it's done in Korea...

With the Winter Olympics just on, you may have seen the Whiting gesture captured on TV by the athletes, and the word is coupled in sync with a single or double fist pump around chest/shoulder height.  But.. It is not a fist pump in the air above the head.

Here is a perfect example of using Fighting!, with the Winter Olympics in mind (the 2 women in the video are talking about the olympics)    

[youtube link=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-LhBWQkh9o]

To the western culture, it doesn't look as aggressive as a normal fist pump that's for sure.  There is actually another word that the Koreans use to show a heightened level of aggression/adrenalin in some form of competition/challenge.  May be I'll post that in another blog...