So day 2 of the BAS came and went pretty quickly.  I don't mind it, as I felt considerably more relaxed than Day 1.

1. I've decided to keep away from forum posting until all (2) games are complete, so as to not get side tracked.  Doing this today, kept my mind away from alot of the issues that were concerning me on Day 1.

2. The bustout hand for the 10K, although I lost and busted out, did not bother me... and this is good, as this is how I would normally feel when I play my game.  I think if I did this in Day 1, I would have been highly stressed by it.

3. I am more focused when I play in a vaccum, ie. no distractions.. which is why I block out chat in the first play.  So I think [1] makes sense, and will continue to do this for the duration of the BAS.

4. Felt I played quite tighter than usual in the 60K, but I was seriously card dead.  All but 1 hand I think I won I had to take pots down with marginal hands post flop.  Which was good to keep me afloat, so may be I actually did play more relaxed, given the card dead situation.