I plan on journaling each day for the duration of my first BAS.  This is more so for self-interest than anything else.  I'll probably use the notes to reflect afterwards the viability of presenting another BAS or not... because using other people's $ is definitely different than using your own!

1. First (2) tournys finished.. no cash.  It doesn't bother me, as I know I'm not expecting to cash each day, and may not even cash for the entire BAS.  Not cashing is standard, but the thought of not performing for investors does linger.

2. While playing, there was always a "conscience" kind of reminding me that the people that put their $ in your hands may be watching.. and possibly making judgement, especially when losing a big pot.  It's something I definitely have to get over during this BAS.

3. Could I have played some hands differently? I think so.. yeh, I know so. The thought of busting out early or anytime during a tourny never weighed so much to me before.

4.I'll need to find a way to play the game, the way I usually do it. 

5. It's only the first day of the BAS, and there's still alot of tournys to play in the next (2) weeks.

6. My partner continues to give me alot of encouragement, as she knows how actually excited I am about this BAS.  This does help.

7. I think I just need to make a first cash, then I'll be more comfortable.