This was the first time I had contacted anyone from PSO (or anywhere else) in regards to assisting me in developing my tournament game. 

I was kind of anxious to see what constructive comments/criticisms I would see scroll through chat and receive from Dave himself -since now my game play was out in the public arena for scrutiny- In the end, submitting a HH for review has been well worth the experience.  I don’t know why I didn’t this PSO resource sooner!

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their game, and if you haven’t done so.. to go through and have a HH review done. 

My suggestion when submitting a HH review would be to:

1.Identify a theme for a review.  This may be simply be what you think is a weak point in your game play e.g. 3betting... or a more advanced topic e.g. stack management when running deep.

2.As soon as the tournament is complete, review it and make notes based on [1].

2.1.It is important to be critical of the hands you played.

2.2.It is equally important to be critical of the hands you folded (preflop).

2.3.Sometimes it is also important to note how you were ‘feeling’ when playing particular hands.  This is why reviewing a tournament as soon as possible is key.


3.Contact Dave and request a HH review, making a suggestion based on [1].

4.If you receive confirmation of the review, submit the HH + the notes you made.  Dave may also mention if he’ll require further information for the training session.

5.That’s it.  Attend the session with an open mindset.

In fact, I have 2 more HH sessions lined up from tournaments played in January:

The first session will involve 2 tournys about deep stage play approaching the final table.  During these stages, when we don’t have that chip lead or big stack, it is critical we are able to accumulate chips uncontested versus the risk involved.  Both these tournys end up at the last 2 tables.

The second session will be specific to final table play.  Specifically, where I was chip leader in the FT and brutalized the FT down to 4 players remaining.  The twist here is, I did not adapt accordingly with 3 players left.  I won’t spoil the ending, but…..

I’ll post when both these sessions have been locked in with a date (sometime in March).  Can’t wait!

Anyway, back to the topic.. here are the links to the Carnival $16.50 22K HH Review, where a 3-way deal was made:

Session 1 - Some good and bad habits revealed, Part 1

Session 1 - Some good and bad habits revealed, Part 2