I frequently watch videos from the archive on PSO, some are better than others. However of all the videos there is one that has definitely changed my game. It has been a great help when building my bankroll, although it has also been my undoing when I am on tilt.

The video is the instruction video on heads up play by "Spacegravy". 

(Link: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Session-Videos-Spacegravy-SNG-Series-Part-5)

I have watched this video a couple of times and even recommended it to some friends. I have employed a similar (but not quite identical) style approach to my own heads up game both online and in live home-games. It has transformed my game and like I said was instrumental in my building a bankroll... the bankroll was shortlived however as I took some shots at high level heads up when I was on tilt after an argument with my wife (stupid I know... but hey what can you do?)

The video is fantastic - very clearly taught and easy to understand and mimic. I had tried a couple of heads up games before but this tutorial really opened my eyes as to how to play it properly and profitably. It becomes more of a challenge when you play against another player who is also experienced at heads up play - but most of the time the instructions from this video have proved an invaluable road to success.

I do wonder a bit about the fact that Spacegravy recommends Hyper tourneys - personally I have found a slightly modified approach (in terms of bet sizing/starting hands) allows for optimal play in turbo tourneys - where the variance is reduced. I found hyper too variable to be exceptionally profitable, but nevertheless not a bad way to earn FPP's.

It would seem I need to learn a little more self control and perhaps need to see some more videos about not going on tilt & smart bankroll  management. But hey... I'll get there eventually =oD.