If you know yourself and your enemy,
you need not worry the result of a hundred battles.
If you know yourself but not your enemy,
for every victory gained, you will also suffer defeat.
If you know neither yourself nor your enemy,
you will succumb in every battle.
                                                   - Sun Tzu

I have been in PSO for about 5 weeks now, 3 weeks in Open Skill League and 2 weeks in Premier League. Earlier, I have had so many questions about the gap that separates poker winning from recreation;   poker pro from novice. I shared it in my earlier posts: Pokerheart and Poker Bug: Winner’s Pennant. Having played both leagues in about the same duration, about same number of tourneys, about the same mode of play; I got some of the answers I am looking for from my stat summary below.

Type of League                 PS Open Skill League                     PS Premier League
No. Of Tourney                                16                                                   18
No. of Participants           +/- 4,000 thru +/- 8,000                     +/- 400 thru +/- 800
Mode of Play                         Tight-Aggressive                             Tight-Aggressive
In the Money                                    9                                                    5
Final Table                                       0                                                     1
Tourneys Won                                  0                                                     0
League Price Money                         0                                                     0

PSO Criteria for Playing Style:
Trickiness                                       2+                                                  5+
Shooter Factor                                5+                                                   7+

Finishing Percentile:
Above 20%                                      9 tourneys                                      5 tourneys
50%-20%                                        6      "                                            7       "
80-50%                                           1      "                                            6       "

Playing in the Open Skill League made me develop some impressions and habits about the game, and the players. I carried those through the Skill League but unfortunately about 50% of it placed me in unfavorable circumstances; or simply it doesn’t work! It’s like playing pocket kings in position against a loose-aggressive opponent in an ace-high non-connecting rainbow board. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic but it is what is. It really is a bad hang-over! I hope to sober up fast enough.

If Charles Darwin was a tournament poker player he would have discovered his Theory of Natural Selection all the same. The Theory of Natural Selection in its simplest term is ‘SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST’. I have seen it in its accelerated pace in the Open Skill League and low buy-in cash games and tournaments. I understand that it is a fast way to thin out the field and I can't blame the site for numerous and/ or successive cooler hands because the games are freeroll and very low buy-in. For the shallow eye it is outrageous but if you are really serious about playing poker? Try those with a higher buy-in. As seasoned players say: If you are serious about the game? Understand it and invest serious time and money on it.

Darwin’s Natural Selection applies to poker. It is subtle but it’s there and flexing one's psyche is a better way to stay on it.