Win a Ticket.
Win a Prize.



Every poker player or every human being for that matter wants to recieve gifts. I hope PokerSchool Online (PSO) will come up with more but presently these are the greatest they offer.

1. Bonus and Promotions

Just signing up with PSO will entitle you with several school pass tickets. First time deposit comes with bonus FPP, free tournament tickets, and additional real money credit.

Refer and/or just by sharing PSO to a friend will entitle you with school pass and/ or 1000 FPPs + SNG tickets.

2. Freeroll

If you don’t have real money or unable to deposit real money to your account for whatever reason, the very first thing to do is to look for freerolls. PSO offers tournament freerolls on a scheduled basis. For free you can polish your game, get a shot at the money, make it to the top of the leader board for a prize and get an entry  ticket to another tournament.

3. School Pass

The PSO school pass is an entry ticket to several tournaments. Whenever PSO offers it, it must not be ignored and try to accumulate as much as many school pass as you can. PSO will credit you the school pass you are entitled with in a time frame so it is wise to store some to be available at your disposal.

4. Learn and Earn

Participate in the forum, attending the scheduled live training, doing the promotions training (like high stack challenge, last longer, etc.) and sharing your idea about a hand played by a pro will entitle you with school pass and a chance shot at the money.


All this is as easy as a click of a button. Look for the appropriate tab, follow the PokerScool Online directions, meet the required criteria then it’s done. Cheers. All that’s left to do is wait for your prize.


Refined Skill and Best of Luck.