Hello everybody, I am really happy to be your friend I have been very busy lately meeting up with some other people I know , important people too. My friend from the fruit market said that a lot of people have a computer inside their house and there is no need for me to stand at the fruit market all day just to meet up with and make new friends , all I have to do is get myself a computer and write nice things and talk about kittens . This seemed like a perfect opportunity for me because kitten talking is what I do all the time and I am not shy to say I do it best. The rest of the people I ran into and all the shop owners in the supermarket told me the same thing , I think Garry had already told them what he had got me thinking about because even before I got to say a word they were all telling me go home even some of the teenagers knew and they knew about the kittens too  because they were calling out go home you pussy.
When I got onto the computer my twitter friend Howard L who goes by the cat inspired  handle Led rar as in the cat goes raar or roar I'm not exactly sure which one because we have never met or exchanged messages so I haven't asked him what the rar means or if it is actually lederer and I just read it as a pussy roar. Any ways I saw people say he was on tilt and your a donkey and a thief and some other nasty things too and typed these terms into Ask Jeeves to  see what they meant aside from the reference to sexual favours with his family and pets there was always references to poker and stealing. Being that he is my twitter friend I refuse to believe that he is really a lying cheat he is just a liar who was cheating so I looked more at the poker stuff and saw a lot of good things mentioned about this Pocket Fives site or  Pocket 5's for short.
The rumours were true Pocket 5's is a lovely site with threads about kittens a few about those donkeys that keep popping up and even a few posts about me where people joke about me being a pea brain and a Dhead .This is why after writing a blog for a competition on Pokerschool online I needed help and  I knew that I had to tell all my friends at the Pocket5's community what I needed , I'll pay you back anytime you like and if there is anything any of you need in the future contact me ,I don't care what it is I will always help a friend whether you want help moving furniture , or a new recipe for squashed possum and beans ice cream or if you need me to hurt myself I'll do it.
  Look I submitted the blog thinking if I was just able to get something down maybe somebody would read it like it and then maybe like me.How it actually works is people read the posts and vote for their favourite, or you just get your friends and family to vote for you over and over again.This seems flawed and easily manipulated and goes totally against my own sense of pride and fairplay ,which outrages me because for the first time I was ready to beg steal and cheat my way into the record books but the problem still remains,ah I can feel a song coming on...ah yeah sorry about that usually I am very focused and straight to the point none of this long winded TLDR  type of stuff that would probably signify an egomaniac or a socially awkward reject , as I was about to reveal the issue I have is not with exposing myself to the scrutiny of the judges or being ostracised from the federal association of blogging championships and fun committee 2014  or FAOBCAFC2014 for short of which I am a founding member but with the fact that after all these years of being a great person I still struggle to find a way to get people to sit on the couch when I want them to or get Garry from the shop on the corner to call me Mr Manila re , basically I have no friends to tell to vote for me. Then comes a beacon of light and understanding that is Pocket Fives or Pocket5's for short ,sure I don't know what Pocket5's stands for but I am sure that the people on it seem real and nice or at least I don't think they will mumble abuse under their breath every time they see or hear my name. So please if you can or if you have the time please vote for  MANILA RE at https://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?68688-Poker-Blog-Championship-Vote-Now%21 it is a matter of life and death "if you want it to be " call me and we can do some yoga or Jenga Jenga is good , hang on I'll just reach over and get my phone ,almost got it, I'm in the bath and the phone is just in front of the hair dryer , if I just pull the cord on the dryer and drag them both closer I should be able to just reach... here it comes... SIZZLE SIZZLE
You sado masochists.