My pestering may just be about to stop.There will hopefully be no more "Yeah I know what PFR stands for but how do I use that number?", as usual Pokerschool online has come to the rescue with some great video which teaches us and compels us to play more and play better which is win win for all parties.

Have not watched the whole video yet as it is late night here in Sydney Australia but I have put it at the top of my list of things to do to improve my game.

For those of you who have seen my name pop up before this post may seem a bit more tame , this is because I have refused to do things constructively in the past. My modus operandi would be to bookmark forum posts and videos about playing and improving my poker game , but rather than follow the advice in the posts from start to finish, actually understand it or ask questions about any issues I had , I would skim through then get distracted by a grasshopper or a youtube video and the cycle would start again. What I am proposing,or attempting to convince myself and the readers of this post of is that I am ready to use my poker study time constructively .  This opposed to spending 3 hours going over how to improve my game , looking at forums, catalogueing video links, but never actually taking the advice that was being offered and worse still not completing any of the accompanying exercises or applying myself to analysing my data base or game play in a way that solves some issues , or brings to light my mistakes in a way that I can understand them in a non monetary way.

Theres is no need for the "yeah sure MANILA RE ,I've heard that before" I am my biggest critic and know that I have had numerous opportunities and an abundance of time that others would kill for in which I should of and could have advanced my game to NL50 to NL100 at least , this is the line in the sand.

For the one or two fans or people that can understand or keep up with my random writings this does not bring meaningless rantings to an end , there is still the sickness of keyboard strokes that I suffer from, if anything this two line post (what I was planning for this post) is the guarantee that I will not be allowing poker competence to get in the way of a typing frenzy.

Good luck to all and heres to hoping that my next few posts can reflect some progress.

 FOR THE UNINITIATED read my blog posts to familiarize yourselves with my style of writing you may just get a rise out of it, not like that you dirty degenerates, I mean a laugh or two. MANILA RE also writes on under manilare.