Here we are again at the end of yet another fruitful week. Gone are the bad beats ,swept away are the hero calls for today is Sunday the online poker playing equivalent of the World Series only in this universe there is no need to wait a year between drinks.

Thr transgressions of this week should have been resolved by now or at least identified and placed in the to do list.Poker tracking software and forums are there for us to confess our sins , our hard labour,and it is hard labour hopefully has borne fruit if not we have at least opened our eyes to the truth ,straight draws and flush draws are all down to percentages ,thou shall not chase.

So once again thank poker for Sunday as binking on this day could make the difference between a year of further loss or a relief that there is a holy grail to believe in, let there be faith in the Sunday Million and remember , tomorrow starts a new week a new life , no a new poker life.

Thou shall adjust the dates on my poker tracking software , we start a session anew.