First things first the laptop is turned on and it's poker from the get go , now you may assume that MANILA RE is a champion at poker deception but my masterclass is yet to start at the moment everyone is still getting set up for the big fall .This is why my stats hover somewhere in the vicinity of 65/35 , remember it is all an act even my confession is a well thought out,or at least thought out , well maybe not thought but I did write it for some reason or another, anyway my confession is part of the illusion. So Sunday, hardware is running what do I do I go straight to my hand history and study, review, take notes search for opponents statistics and  tendencies or do I troll a fellow Australian poker player asking him or her to join or start a group ? Trolling wins in a landslide then after scareing them I run outside and tend to my half assed attempt at gardening gnome style, back inside look at the tournament list. Time to procrastinate again, I attempt to rally the troops offering them a day at Cronulla beach it is school holidays after all. GTA5 wins hands down the decision is made to waste the day or at least laze around and do something tomorrow, this frees me up I now have at least 18 hours in which to do as I please.

Now any self respecting poker student would take this opportunity to better oneself with a bit of yoga maybe go for a run or do 3 situps in preparation for a long day of study/grinding. Then there is me, I have time to burn on most days but today has the rare bonus of me being awake and willing so what do I do I say once more? Start writing a blog which I should have been doing for over two years by now,as per the norm it comes off totally off kilter switching from narrative to third person to out and out maniacal ranting.

Rather than advancing my game using the plethora of resources available to me at PokerSchool online I write this nonsense , at this point I am reminded of the numerous occassions when the uninitiated ask me about poker , and when they are told that the internet has forums training sites and video logs and an assortment of other resources available explaining the maths,strategies and expected value of online poker play they say "Well why isn't everyone making a million dollars and beating everyone" or "How come everyone isn't as good as each other if it's all maths?" I direct you to the title of this so called blog "This is my Sunday".