There is seldom an occassion when some reference to this game does not influence  my day, whether it be splashed across my computer screen ,  picking up a book or thinking about making the trip to my local casino  or one of the many free play venue   pubs and clubs, poker will be on the menu.  Now to the untrained eye it may well seem that when a person immerses him or herself in poker  anywhere from three to four hours to at least let's put it conservatively at twenty minutes a day ( which we all know is never the case ,probably more a minimum of three hours including all the procrastination and gossip searching )  , they are either good at it, serious about  learning the game or a complete de-generate . From what I have personally gathered there are players going in circles propping themselves up by putting their bad run down to table dynamics, "donks" and "internet kids" justifying reloading their account because of the "supposed"  bad beats . Then there is the player not unlike myself who hovers around the poker scene popping in and out from time to time , who seems to be aware of all the resources available to them to improve their game , which is what they think they want to do, but for some reason these players just can't committ to a timetable which sees them  sitting down for a study session, submitting a few hands or making some poker buddies to talk through their "bad beats" and obvious bad play. So what to do? what to do? .Follow the gospel music , the distant sound of harps playing in the promised land and you will find yourself at "Poker School Online". 

Immediately on entering the site you will know you're at the right place, they do a great introduction and it is set up great ergonomically. Now no description by me will do it justice but what I can do is suggest a training video which unlike other sites are free and of the highest quality . The video in question was part of a series which introduces the newcomer to various forms of poker games offered on PokerStars and then quite rapidly pushes them toward being a competent member of the Poker School Online Community .

Poker Basics 01 to Poker Basics 10