I've got my five games down, and I've got a fourty point lead. Although, I won't be playing anymore PSO until January first. During this time, however, I'll be playing a bunch of .10 360s. I've been getting better with my tournament play, knowing what to do when the middle stage comes lasting me to some money or good amount of points!

My first .10 back and was keeping up with the blinds as they went up into the four digits, and got .3 profit. This wasn't a folding profit. I played my cards when I knew to, never being scared I could be knocked out. Much easier since those are about an hour and half, considering the .25 90s three+ hours.

So, to fit the theme, my pokers new years resoloution will be to not lose this recent reload and to actually start going into triple, quadruple, even quintuple digits, and get some monthly rewards courtesy of PSO.