Why is it the biggest idiots this site has to offer keep hitting with the worst hands 3 2 / 5 2 / 4 3 house house house. It seems like the hands havent got much chance but then you look at the stack size and notice that they have got the biggest in the hand  and BOOM house / trips or 4 cards on the board straight/ flush .cant complain about what people play but how does it hit so often?? the RnG just seems to create action nearly every hand it hapens to often for that not to be true no matter what anybody says and its like 70% in favor of the biggest stack . Anyway think i might take a few days of the league playing crap and running into a lot of them any two will do people and the rating is taking a beating . Need to work out a way around these idiots and the dodgy RnG  Goodluck

BTW i dont need someone to come tell me im just a bad player who wants the game handed to them or someone pointing out spelling mistakes .  Take you story walking and tell someone who cares