Hy everyone!

I could have written earlier than today, because I had good enough results. I got some money from one of the  school's freerolls and today I have even more after using it as an entry for a cheap MTT. I think that I didn't write not because I was lazy (which is my usual reason for not doing things) but because even though the results were worth mentioning I was not satisfied with them. I have saved hands and had an idea for the usual music part as well but I was disappointed because I didn't win. And I don't mean more money. I think I never really cared about money in my life. I mean I wanted to be 1st place and I wasn't good or lucky enough so I didn't write. Pretty gloomy future for the blog, right?

Well ocasionally I realize that I expect unrealistic things and then I come to write about what I should have like right now. For example look at my first recorded really nice hand:

Unnecessary but lovely improvement. Kind of like the one I want regarding my final positions because frankly as long as I make more than what I sat down with I should stop whining about not being better.  In fact I should be.... feeling good. (=

Do tell if you disagree, but I think being too competitive for someone as far from being a pro as myself can be harmful...