Hello again everyone!

I haven't written a blogpost for ages. I stopped playing for a while due to a couple of terrible bad beats and lazyness. Also I don't like writing without a good enough result because otherwise I feel like wasting your time.  I have started to compete again at the open skill league tourneys of the school and as you can guess by the title I've brought a bloggable result as well. (=

Despite the tourney being long, I can't really say there were many particularly interesting hands. Maybe the one when I flopped a full house with pocket duces, but I messed that up cause I re-raised and the opponent folded... I have to learn when  and how to be tricky so that's the next pso content I'll keep an eye out for.

Oh and here is how I died:

I think I've played it correnctly but comment if you disagree so I can improve.

Can't wait to see this result calaculated into my stats. (=

See you  the next time I do something signifcant compared to myself. Until then good luck against your rivals.