Hello my favourite readers! (:



Since the last entry I've played 3 and a half tourneys. Half because I'm currently playing one. I know it is not adviced to distract myself during competitions, but it somehow works for me. I was doing my cool new online job since this tourney began, and I'm in top 200 now which is good since I wanted top 400. I managged to do that in the fist out of the three mentioned above but then I failed twice in a row, and did so quite quickly.

I don't think I'm lucky during this one either, but at least now my opponents can only achieve split pot if they are... that 's an improvement if you ask me.

This for example should have resulted in me getting +5K In my oppinion.  I'd have most likely folded against "normal" opponents in this case, however this guy was russian and I had a note on him so I knew I had better kicker. I guessed right, and yet on the river the diferences between our kickers disappeared...

Anyways, waiting for stronger hole cards always provides me with a sense of moral victory in situations like this, so patience actually pays off somehow. I can't complain about my position either, so school strategy still rules. (:

I'll go scratch&match now. Wish you all the patience until the monsters come around (: