Hello everyone!


I'm making top10% of the scoolfreerolls often enogh to write, even though I wished to bring something a bit more shiny than that. Looks like I'm still rusty. 

During MTTs it quite often happens to me that when I'm getting close to some acceptable result I wait for a monster  or some very strong hand to double up with. You know one final leap to achieve a goal. ( Top 400 would be nice, it'd bring back memories...)

This week the "crucial" hand not once, but twice was AK suited, and I remember them so well because I ended up loosing all my chips in both cases. I read the lessons, and of course there is a warning that AK can cause trouble sometimes, but I fold so many trash patiently playing the tight agressive style recommended for amateurs which I most certainly am, so I'm always very happy to see a hand like AK. Feels like I talked too much without links so here it is.

The main reason I'm not certain whether I played correctly is because of the pre flop all in, but it 's really not uncommon during MTTs, and I saw these people going all in with trash pre-flop...

Perhaps I should ask this on the forums, but do you guys think it was a mistake? Loosing feels less bad with worse hands even if I know it should be the other way around.  Should I wish I could ... switchback? (: