Hello my dear readers!


It has been a while since I last blogged, but I promise this will be worth reading again. Truth is that I'm trying to get into  the premier league of the school, and my results surprise me positively. Only 10 days left and I'm 69 th(what a nice number XD) on the leaderboard. I'll go into some detail here because out of the 8 qualifiers I ended up at final table 3 times.( Thanks to the school's lessons again and again!) One of these was particularly interesting, but before telling you about that allow me to thank you, and the people who decide about Big Bang tickets, because I won one with this blog. I failed to win any money there, but in my oppinion I played well enough. Survived the 1st hour at least (: I'm looking forward to the next similar opportunity, but let me talk about some actual results now.

According to CET there was a qualifier the day before yesterday at 21:00. I was at some 300 th place on the leaderboard, so I needed to strenghten my position despite the fact that i was at the final tables twice out of 6.(Not complaining, just telling the truth.) So I participated. Following the school's teachings with at least 90% accuracy I managged to enter the final table as chipleader, and remained in that position with a brief disruption until the VERY END !! So I was the 1st out of 2. Now let me link the last showdown (: This  might be worth analysing, but definitely worth watching)

Instead of fail of the day as usual, let me write: the biggest badbeat,and the greatest success of my pokerlife at the same time, and actually at the same (river)card:

XD This I think, requires no further comment.This hand happened at 00:44 am And since it tripled my bankroll,and was a great experience, in spite of the result I think of it as

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L_iOnLNt9M"]

GLOOOORIA GLORIA PERPETUA (: (Have I mentioned I speak latin?)

Would you have done anything differently in my place? Please comment. (: See you until the next time of 3x my bankroll XD