Hello again everyone!

 I have so much to tell you...First of all thank you for reading me. The views of my blogposts are increasing steadily, and it gives me a reason to go on. However, I'd write about yesterday's events even if nobody read it...

It started as a usual day, maybe a bit worse cause I felt sick right from getting out of bed.( I blame a pizza we ordered with my roommate the previous day) Anyway I only started playing poker in the evening (and we all know that's the interesting part.) I took part in two competitions at the same time and had to interrupt playing from time to time. I'm not going into details here, let's just say I wasn't feeling well. I was chipleader for a long time and then went all in once when I shouldn't have. I got angry. As a result, I fell out from both tourneys, lost an STG in like 2 hands, and 1,60$ in cash game.

Those who are reading my posts on regular basis may know by now that I'm not capable of giving up. So I decided to take part in the Prem. league qualifier yesterday evening, and by then I got calm enough to play well. Let me share a theory here.

I mentioned before that some players go against the rules of logic pressing their luck so hard as if they had 100% to win. I did not want to be specific earlier, but I ment particularly russian players. Sometimes I feel that they have a straight, and a flush button beside the usual 3 of regular players. And no matter what they have, they can activate it any time. Before I show you why I'm saying this, let me turn to a simile. If the Poker school is the big lion, and we who try to study the odds and percentages of how likely are we to win are the little ones, then russian players are like hyenas. Going all in with almost 0% chance hole cards like 8 2 unsuited vs your AA and winnig the pot with a flush. (I often imagine them laughing like hyenas after such ocassions) Here is an example ( Also fail of the day, but since I finished 8th at the end of the tourney it's a success really):

There was another similar one, but since in that case the guy had normal (acceptable according to school teachings) hole cards, I1ll not include that.

Anyway even though I lost approx. 3$ at first( Which I should have spent on anger managgement instead), I managged to win it back by the end of the day despite the incredible luck of some of my opponents like the one shown above. And there is more. Today I felt great because of yesterday evenings results( I'd like to mention here that time is CET based for me, in order to avoid confusing my readers.) , so I decided to take part in another prem league qual, finishing as the 7th in the end. I was chipleader for at least 2 hours, but still, it's an improvement...

Feel free to refute me on the russian theory, or to mention your own piece of evidence in the comments. Oh and of course the song... Guess what XD