Hello again!



I've promised I won't come back without some sort of result/sign of improvement in my game. And I didn't lie (: Even though my scool rank is falling, I managed to end up in the 23 rd place out of 9000 in a satelite yesterday. The tourney to which I  got a ticket with it is tomorrow, and I'll be in an amusement park with my friends all day but if I did it once maybe I can do it again...

I was this happy by the way.(: 

The tourney lasted for 4 hours,and I got only trash in the first. I had to be very patient... and then from the second hour I started getting pocket Q's (on one ocassion I got them in a row) So I learned that if I don't seek excitement during an MTT it comes to me in the end anyway.

No fail for the day, 'cause I was kind of successful. (:

But music is compulsory

Enjoy! See you after I get my school rating right. (: (This blog is a nice source of inspiration...)