Hello again! Some might be surprised about the time gap I left between the last blogpost and this one. The main reason is that I wanted to write about improvement, but I could not. In fact my league rank started to fall  mostly because of hands like this ( fail of the day section) :

I know I should have been more careful,but (as always with a good hand) I couldn't. Since the last time I wrote there was another sad event besides my usual poker related stuff: My tabletop RPG session got cancelled. ( Meaning I'll be playing poker all sunday)

Not only bad things happened though. I finally managged to get my computer fixed. ( So far I was playing on an outrageously slow laptop.)  And my favourite webseries has new episodes. Since I managged to fall out from another school freeroll just now I can only say I'll be writing again after achieving something significant enogh. See you until then.