a.k.a the mystery of why the heck can't I fold my hand.  It happens quite often that I somehow guess the villain has better hand than I do and yet if I have top pair or better I'm simply unable to fold it. And this is not the biggest mistake I discovered in my playstyle. I bet incredible ammount of chips on speculative hands, straight/flush draws even if I know the opponent has something already.


(BTW. If I fold trash, it's quite frequent that the game "builds" a fulll house or a straight on it,but when I bet,it just doesn't happen. Comment if you have similar experiences)

My third (and probably not the last) mistake is that I can't stand up from the table. If I'm winning I bet more out of excitement, If I'm loosing I bet to try get the chips back. After finding this out I decided to stick to the school's tourneys. Here are some hands from the best one so far (including a winning one 'cause I feel like showing you how I make the money)

hand 1. Falling for my own tricks:

hand 2: Yeah I have the nuts! Oh wait...

hand 3 : This is how I make the stacks to lose from

hand 4: Nothing special. Just my luck

hand 5 There are some better things than a three(some?) (:

Oh and some music to show how I felt during most of these

Poker is not the only thing I like better with music in the background. Working out (at home) is also much better this way. And I have been thinking about a way to connect my sit-ups and stuff to poker somehow. So from now on I'll be doing like 20 for every showdown lost during a tourney.

(Maybe 10 is enough... I don't want to look like this: http://newsimg.ngfiles.com/273000/273119_2046743377-cartoon-bodybui.jpg)