I'm new here. I played poker,but never learned it. And I haven't writen a blog before so until you tell me the difference between a blog and a diary there won't be much in my case.

(OK I can post hand replays and music which makes everything much cooler,but there may be other things I don't know.)

I couldn't really describe the reason why I'm doing this in 72 characters so here is a bit longer explanation: I noticed some time ago that if I write about what and how I did every day, I tend to become more effective in many things. And I definitely need improvement for example in poker so I hope this tendency countinues. (: If not It will still be good as a form of language practice since english is not my native language. Of course I am going to keep it poker related,and I plan to post music as well every time I write here.

Hand of the day ( or fail of the day, since I will usually post hands where I lost. If I brag, it will start with 4of a kind or sg like that.)

It happened in the school's open league. I was already in a respectable position, and since I was greedy I thought "Why should I fold pocket K's?"

Would you have done the same? Or are you wiser than me,and would have folded at some point?

I usually play music in the background during tourneys. When this hand happened I was listening to :


NOTE TO SELF: Learn to press sit out button in good position during a tournament instead of betting like hell.