I know it sounds impossible especially for a beginner but if this is not possible then tell me why would any beginner want to be in a poker world where he is only left to lose?

So in this series of poker videos you will see how we will apply knowledge of professionals and practice to check if that really works for us? Why am i saying that because believe me guys, not every funda that the Pro's use, will work for you...that is why this series of poker videos is very important for us becuase we can evaluate these techniques with this series. 

This is a showcase of common mistakes that every beginner might make and a self assessment to check if that really feasible to accomplish such a challenge?


In the following video i have started building my bankroll from little FPP Sit N GO's

#1 BankRoll Builder MyPoKerMaNia Strategy ($0 to $100k)- 18th March 2015

I am not perfect if you feel that some moves were incorrect or some fundas explained incorrectly then i really want you guys to comment and share your views because i believe that objections are more helpful than appreciations to keep us all learning. 


And I wish you no variance at the tables !


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