Hello ... I would like to open a discussion about players from Brazil and Russia. I m not a fan of their game and wanted to make a petition to get their PokerStars page ... something like PokerStrars.ru and NOT be mixed with players from Europe ... because I want to, I dream about playing poker again normal and with entertainment and with passion ... without all these stupid calls and raises wit 92o, K4o, 83 ° ... and cards like these! I taught in your school how it is played, but it has nothing to do with real poker that is played on your site ... especially by the Russians and Brazilians, they ripped art games and I will honestly stop playing poker just for those people who are destroying the game. I think ... we should separate these players from Pokerstars.eu.! I do not see French, Spanish people ..... please, please, please, please do not wish vidjt no ruse Brazilians seem the same, especially since neither is from Europe!! thank you very much and apologies to all the normal Russian and Brazilian player!!!!!!