So i deposited $50 on PStars and also got to claim the free $3.40 satellite tickets. i used one of them yesterday... i guess i shoulda waited to play that one. i will be looking to get my 20VPP to be eligible for the PSO ranking.

I also got the 10410 bonus tickets.

As of today my BR is $50.37.

Will update as i go.

i am looking to also try and up my BR on PDC by primarily playing in the small buy in SNGs. My starting balance there is $62.58

ive noticed that the SNGs at PStars seem a little tougher to beat than on PDC. On PDC its just a matter of dodging that 95%-5%  all in advantage which i lose most of the time. Not sure why it seems that those small edges hit so much there...probably the worst ive seen on ANY site to date. I lost B2B hands like this yesterday to get knocked out. Oh well...will keep grinding.