Well I just had another dismall finish . I just dont understand it. I was dealt QQ blinds are 100 200 , there were a few limpers and I raised ten times big blind. All folded but 1 and was chased all the way to the river where the donk hit a 10 to beat me with 2 pr  He had 7 10. Does anyone know what pot odds are . Why would you call with that? This league is starting to flustrate me. I think I am a decent player but I just cant seem to get by the bad beats and the donk players. To many times I have monster hands to see them lose by players who call with crap. I try to caculate my pot odds vs odds of winning to make the right decision, b ut it hasn"t helped. In a tourny if you take a bad beat or get outdrawn your out, no second chance. All I want to do is try to get better but it's hard against so many bad players Any advice. Thats my gripe for today, thanks for reading