Well its Monday morning and this weekend playing poker brought me way up the ranks. I currently sitting 160th out of almost 60,000 people. Where on earth did all these people come from? I am going to take a break today and only play a few of the tournaments today as it is beautiful here in Ottawa, Canada. Plus I think my eyes may need a break from staring at a computer screen. May play 1 or 2 of them today. It sure is wild that the leaders of the league are pushing the hell out of 2500 points so far, still going to be a challenge to move up the rest of the way to the top, but am going to give it a go for sure. The best advice I can give for making your way to the top of the league is seriously wait for the good hands, and when you have the nuts, make the others pay. Bottom line. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, hope to see some of you @ the tables.