Hey All,

This is my first entry in this poker blog. I have been playing in the PSO Leauge now for 2.5 weeks and have seen my share of great players and ones that really need no mention here at all. You know who you are, lol

I started with some ok finishes, made a few points here and there, then when on a 7-8 game streak with negative results.(This dropped my rating huge! was done to 10550 ranking  I think?) 
I have had to change the way that I was playing these games due to the fact that "DONK" hour happens at every tourney that starts. After reading alot of info on here that is provided, peoples blogs,-these I found to be very helpfull- THANKS EVERYONE! I decided to really work on my game.

I changed my gameplay, to which in return has done wonders to my rating! I have moved up the ranks aprox 9000 positions. As I write this I am sitting at 1056 ranking.

One main reason that I found that I have moved up is just by the fact that I have been more patient. Wait for the cards! They will come. It's true I tell ya!

I have made 2 final tables in the last week, and a couple top 100. Going to try and keep it up, and see if I can finnish in the top 500 for the month

I will have to agree with just about everyone that has blogged about the Donkeys on here, I guess they are apart of everygame and in every circle of poker.  Not sure what to do about them, there is just too many of them.......

Anyways, that's about it for now, going to try and take it down this afternoon

Good Luck All!  See ya railside!