When I learned about the Poker School Online League, I felt it was just what I needed as a challenge to improve my game. I had no money, no FPP's, and basically nothing to lose. So I took the quiz and got myself a PSO member ticket and played alot of the league games through the month of September 2010. Because I wasn't very focused on a goal, I failed to place many times. So I played some freerolls and won a few dollars and grinded away at the $.01/.02 ring tables. Closer to the end of the month, I was broke again, hehe. However, I managed to earn 27 frequent player points. Now it is October. A new month and a fresh start, but this time my status in the League is now "Active" due to having made at least 20 points in September. And so begins my challenge to break 2000pts and rank #1 in the leaderboard. Oct. 1 2010 - -Played 2 PSO tourneys placing 1st + 4th Off to a good start! Wish me luck, and to you all as well.