Ok so Ive not quit.  But I sure thought about it.  I really wish that new players and old alike would treat this league like the game intended.  Not a shove it all in, bet on 6 3 off suit for 500 dollars in a 10/20 blind.  I may be wrong.  But isnt this league intended for us learning to be better poker players not worse ones.  Ive seen some bad hands win.  I see alot of people on here complain about the computer and how it seems to favor the so called "Donkey" hands.  I kinda agree lately.  Ive had no good hands since I got over 1800 points.  And the good hands I have gotten KK, AA, QQ, JJ have become almost unplayable because they get calls from 6 8 , 3 5, 2 3.  And those hands win  not the so called quality hands.  I dont want to complain. Really I dont   but these atrocities have made me a little bitter and not too happy with the world.  Do any of you feel that way.  I am all for being able to play how ever you want to, but please have a little consideration for the people out here who are trying to improve their ability and improve their bankroll. Dont call everything with nothing hoping the computer helps you out.  Please I implore you.  Please play better poker and all of us will have a better time.