I hate when people start blaming their bad play on "donks" or "bad beats" - sure they happen, but if  you're playing well you can average out those bad games.  Own your play.

Which brings me to my own play the last few days; absolutely atrocious. I just called an all-in with a pair of Queens Ace high after the flop in the early stages of the tournament, and yep went up against pocket Aces. D'oh. Thats just a bad call; even if I did think I had a better hand, the other guy went all in so I'm sacrificing my stack on a pair; no thought as to the odds of getting another queen, or pot odds...just a bonehead move.  
Which to a greater or lesser degree has been typical of my play in the last few days.  Even when I sense what the other guy has I call anyway to prove myself right.  I'm still new to this so at the very least these mistakes better made and learned here; when all I am losing is bragging rights in the standings.

Anyway, I have work the next few days so I may take a small break and give my head a shake...