I only got into online poker maybe towards the end of November,first at another site and then found Pokerstars and the PSO; and its been a great way to learn the game.
I really don't have the time to do more than 3 tournaments a day; or even every day, but I still managed to be rank around 5900 in December, my first month - a bit better than mid field (56th percentile); I surprised myself with one in the money finish.  In January I realized I should  try to go active, and at the end of  the month that  I'd need a score of 1525 for some of the other tournaments; so I went hard in the last two tournaments and brought myself  up 40 points to place around 3800 (75th percentile); not bad for a second month (and only 11 tournaments).

And so far so good; having made active status I am currently in the lower 300's (didn't play at all yesterday,so went down about 70 spots)...I have to admit I got lucky in the last two tourny's; I try to play the late ones so it doesn't interfere with any family routine but I had to sit out for half an hour when I didn't have much of  a stack...I came back with $130 left, ante of $125 there I go..all in with $5.  And win; somehow managed to double up a few more times and get 109th spot (missing an extra penny in the payout by 1).  

I really have a lot to work on in the game; I've had AA cracked more than once; I am slowly learning not to chase 2 pair when the other guy is raising big (the number of times I've lost to trips...)...and folding JJ and up or AK when it starts to feel wrong...but its been a lot of fun...thanks everyone at PSO and all you out there who've been friendly...
later later