I just started playing in the league last month. I have played poker for many years, either in poker rooms or with friends. I have been playing on Pokerstars about 2 years and quit for about 6 months because of the unbelievable shuffles and cards dealt, I tried many other sites and found that they all have pretty much the same type deals, pokerstars has the best user interface in my opinion.

Anyway when I came back I saw the school option and checked it out. I was excited that maybe there was a place on pokerstars to play freerolls with out all the crazy play that is typical on their other freerolls. I am disappointed with what I've found. I think the premise of requiring you to pass a quiz to join league a good idea but the test was like giving first grade math questions for college entry. To easy and a score of 60% is nuts and the play I've seen in freerolls bears that out. I do have a few suggestions to help improve the leagues caliber of play:

A) Increase the difficulty of the quiz and require a score of at least 78%.

B) If at any point in the month your points fall below 1350, your finished for that month.

C) Offer instructional videos or reading material to those who fall below 1400 to help them recover

These may seem harsh but this is supposed to be a "skill" league not a free for all. Unfortunately we live in an era and society that has individuals who take pleasure in causing trouble for others who are trying to improve themselves. I have noticed this from only playing less then a month. People who have 1157 points going all in every hand and beating pocket aces when 4 suited cards fall on the community. Large betting preflop only seems to encourage many of them. Anyway the only way to get PS to make some changes is for a majority of us to request them. What do you think?