Well I just have to say thanks to Poker Stars for the new PSO tutorials and league.

I play both online and live on a regular basis but my problem is i lose online what I win live.....

Last week I decided that I was going to stop playing poker online as it was justgetting to expensive but then discovered this PSO league which I think is a great way to improove my game and make noticable steps forward in terms of the league positions etc.

For the rest of this month Im not going to deposit any more of my hard earned cash and concentrate solely on the PSO hoping to playat least 2 or 3 every day. Now I have only just played my first games yesterday so am a few games behind the rest but with the structure I reckon if I play solid for the rest of the month I stand a chance at hitting the 1500 to qualify, dont get me wrong im not expecting it but know with a solid strategy I stand a chance. Anyway if I dont I will simply concentrate on the PSO during August also.

Anyway the goal is to not put any more cash in until I haveprooved to myself that I can turn my online game into a profitable experience like my live game and im sure it wont be long with all the tutorials and info here at the school, im looking forward to digesting it all

Thanks once again and I will keep this blog posted of how im getting on..