So i started this quest by making an intial deposit about a year ago and cashed in a big tourny to get the idea rollin, not the biggest stack ever but all i can afford at the time with school and work. Anyway i played in a big tourney yesterday 2.75, but way too many people didnt get great cards and went out with no cash.maybe tomorrow will be better and i can get some more tourneys goin. So it sunday Oct 3 nothin but poker and football today my friends!!! I started today with a 1.10 sit and go and was doin well until i was big blind with about 1600 in chips, blinds were 200 and 100, small blind pushed all in with about the same stack, i call after some debate, he flips j9 off and a flip A 2 off, he hits the jack game over for me. I also played in a PSO league , i find it a good way to practice if nothing else still got some more tournys to go hope it goes better