I busted out of the Casino Employee's Event at the WSOP just 45 minutes ago(2:45am PST). A mere fifteen minutes from the end of the days session. The blinds wer 300/600 with a 75 ante. The tournament began at 6pm, one hour later than it's scheduled 5pm start due to the monumental errors made by Harrah's when planning the registration for the WSOP events. I'm sure it has been covered by many by now and if not I can only tell you that registration for any event of the WSOP can be a 3-5 hour process consisting mainly of waiting in line. So we were nearing the end of our eighth hour of poker (we broke for a one hour lunch) In the bust out hand I was the big blind. My stack, after posting and ante was 8500ish and knowing that tomorrow would start with 400-800 blinds with a 100 ante I was looking for a spot to double up and go strong into day two. There were approximately 15 tables remaining and since only 99 spots paid from the starting field of 1050, we weren't really close to the money. UTG was a player that I had played with for more than three hours at our starting table for the event. I'm sure he viewed me with at least the label of solid player if not downright rockish. I had played the first two hours with him at the table without showing down a hand while growing my original 2000 chips to about 3500. So UTG raises to 1800 and I look down to see the dreaded AhQs. I actually liked Iliked it in this spot because blind after blind was being raised by an early positon playerwithout a call and this could be a raise with a much wider range of hands than you would normally give credit and AQ matched up well in that case. And since a raise from 1800 to say 3600-4000 makes me pot committed I decided to go all in.I am called by raiser's KJo. He flops a Jack, I turn a flush draw and stilll have two overcards. The river is a blank and I am finished . more later, I got up for work Thursday at 9am it is now Saturday 4 am and i have not slept in between. I really need to rest.