Hand Number: 426,957,430 Table Number: 5,980,767 Event Name: FREEROLL-PSO$ 1000 Added (#3826981) Event Started: Tuesday April 10th 12:00:00 AM CDT 2007 Event Type: PokerSchool Online Tournament Event Buy-In: PSO Member (PSO$ 1,000 added) Total Prize Pool: PSO$ 1,000 Game: No Limit Hold 'em Level II: 10/20 Blinds (5 Minimum Chip) Average Stack: 2,750 (2,000 starting chips) Remaining Players: 24 (33 started) Seat 2 : Seldron starts with 1,445 Seat 3 : NitroxBoss starts with 1,935 Seat 4 : CharlieRedDog starts with 4,800 Seat 5 : tred starts with 1,635 Seat 6 : WillyLaPerla starts with 4,240 Seat 7 : hitmeister starts with 2,005 Seat 8 : MyBigStack starts with 3,750 Seat 10 : m1illion starts with 2,225 Seat 6 : WillyLaPerla has the dealer button >>>DEALING HOLE CARDS<<< m1illion dealt down Ad Kc hitmeister posts the small blind 10 MyBigStack posts the big blind 20 m1illion raises 60 to 80 Seldron folds NitroxBoss folds CharlieRedDog folds tred calls 80 WillyLaPerla raises 4,160 to 4,240 and is all-in hitmeister folds MyBigStack folds m1illion calls 2,145 and is all-in tred calls 1,555 and is all-in WillyLaPerla takes back 2,015 WillyLaPerla cards were Kd Ks m1illion cards were Kc Ad tred cards were Jh As >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 4s Td 5s ] >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 3c ] >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 8c ] WillyLaPerla wins 1,180 with a pair of kings WillyLaPerla wins 4,935 with a pair of kings tred has left the table tred finishes in 24th place m1illion has left the table m1illion finishes in 23rd place Seat 10 : kyann starts with 2,655 >>>SUMMARY<<< Hand Ended: Tuesday April 10th 12:18:33 AM CDT 2007 Total Pot: 6,115 Board: [ 4s Td 5s 3c 8c ] Seat 2 : Seldron did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 3 : NitroxBoss did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 4 : CharlieRedDog did not bet, folded pre-flop Seat 5 : tred lost 1,635, showed hand [ Jh As ] Seat 6 : WillyLaPerla (button) bet 2,225, won 6,115, net +3,890, showed hand [ Kd Ks ] Seat 7 : hitmeister (small blind) lost 10, folded pre-flop Seat 8 : MyBigStack (big blind) lost 20, folded pre-flop Seat 10 : m1illion lost 2,225, showed hand [ Kc Ad ] I'm not sure what possessed me to screw up this badly but no matter the reason it is a wrong play and it is wrong 100% of the time. After my preflop, UTG raise to 4xBB I get a call from the CO and then an all in from the button. I have information and I must act accordingly. 1. CO likes his hand enough to flat call but not reraise. This could be a pair in the neighborhood of TT, or a big Ace. It could also be a smaller pair or suited connectors from 8-9 on up. It could also be a big pair being "slowplayed" or a donkish hand that just doesn't believe my raise is worthwhile but those are usually rare exceptions. Whatever the case, the flat call makes me feel good against most of this players holdings. 2. The button goes all in. At this stage of the tournament, with a mere 80 chips in the pot, there is only one correct play. Fold. If he's bluffing or has AK-AQ yippee for him. But what is more likely is that this TT-JJ-QQ that does not want to see a flop. Again, whatever the case is, the play is to fold. And if there isn't enough already against you there is still a player to act. And what do we know about that hand? Most likely one of two things are true. Either it is another pair that has you behind or another Ace that you can't get get your hands on. So folding is even more clearly the play. Looking at it now, I still can't believe I fell in love with AKo. but I am reminded of this basic rule again and how much pain this mistake can bring. As a footnote, calling two all ins with AJo is suicide pure and simple. If you do it you are simply spewing chips.