Games today
Bankroll $1.80
1. 360 man 10c (T) sit & go – placed 148 (Out on pocket 10’s to A-10 x 2)
2. 360 man 10c (T) sit & go – placed 203 (Not watching the game trip 8’s then bb out)
3. 100k free roll – field 20k + Placed 6600 + (D)(Knocked out Q-Q all in pre fold to 2 pair
4. 990 man 2c (H) sit & go – placed 425 (D) (A-K pre flop  all in lost to 5-5 on turn)
5. Training session – Punish the limpers
6. 360 man 10c (T) sit & go – placed 237 (Slow played JJ, all in on flop lost to K on river)
7. 990 man 2c (H) sit & go – placed 246 (All in A-4 suited, lost to K-4 Suited)
8. 360 man 10c (T) sit & go – placed 33 = 24c
9. 990 man 2c (H) sit & go – placed 414
10. Pso  field 10,000 – 1437 placed
11. 990 man 2c (H) sit & go – Placed 89
12. 990 man 2c (H) sit & go – placed 115


Bankroll $1.54

(D) Distracted be training session – Note don’t play well while training sessions are going – lol

Hand of the day : #90660283780: 100k free roll

The crippler: #90662200463 – Folded the river to his flush draw

O.M.G just realized the difference between Hyper and Turbo the ante starts straight away in hyper – lol

I’m think I don’t like the hyper’s, too fast to aggressive for now, you have to play a wider range to early if you don’t hit pre flop or flop and the ante’s are a killer. You don’t have enough time to get a read on people either.

I know my bank roll says I need to stay at that level but it’s torture and I can’t do
Back to the 10c games and free rolls…

Analyzing my game play this morning, not playing at 100% feel a little off, must be time for a break and come back tonight…. Well that’s after pso has finished…hehe (Let’s hope I’m not tempted to play other tables while that’s still going…

Till next time,