I'm like not a 100% solid player yet, there are many areas I need to develop to improve my game.

Begining game I'm happy with the 3 bets 50% raise,

(Or 3 bet milk to all in on flop bet - I know this isn't advisable, but I still do it with players that limp)

Middle game and Middle postions are two areas I need to focus on next I think

(Especilly when holding middle to small stack)

I seem to be second guessing alot of things where I should just fold and I seem to be playing a little looser.

End game final table - Haven't got there often but also another area I need to look at.

Watching the over bets after flop

3 bets and 4 bets.

I think I have a lot to chew on for a while.

I'll stick mostly with play money for a while till I get a good grip on thing, cash games for some reason seem and feel like a totally different gamming style? Maybe it just me...

Anyway till next time,

Muzz out...