(I have $1.33c – Won $1.32 yesterday on Free Roll tourney’s)
(100k Freeroll)  20480 – Placed 5948
Losing hand #90560838834: - Chasing Q straight draw, got it on the river, lost to K high straight

Daily game training session finish 3rd on table 3 betting and 50% pot raising, had a few all ins, won all at showdown and before showdown.

Been a busy morning – this is my first cash game today – I like the sit and go’s, as well as the free rolls cos of the amount of people that play. Makes me feel good finishing in the top 500 in a field of 10,000 and more and hit a last table

(25c)  90 man sit and go – Placed 58th
#90572169494 Folded on 5x bb raise? I was going to stay in…
#90572320777: - Just a really dumb call mid tourney?

2000 P/M, 45 man sit and go – Placed 10th
#90572472410 Isolated but lost to the turn
#90572650544 – I got the jack on the turn?
#90573078840:  Folding on flop was a good choice he had AA
#90574131990: Again not watching the over bet?
(Becareful of players that over bet on the flop……

(25c) 45 man sit and go – Placed 29th
#90573394776 – Again mid tourney mistake I think?
#90573577333 – Short stack all in - Finished

Like I know a made a few bad calls which cost me any form of pay out but I have yet to develop a solid game plan.... Any advice?

Till next time,

Muzz out...