Seemes to be working well so far, last two tourneys I play with 1200 feilds in both hit last tabe on both.... Omaha and 215 hold'em -Sadly got knocked off both tables cos I wasn't watching the flop...... Watch the flop Muzz...

One a ticket in the haleys freeroll

On another note had a 54c win on freeroll and didn't even know, hit 560 out of 7000 so this new playing style seems to be working

I did play more loose when I was on big stake a picked up a few 100k off players that didn't call....

- but not that loose.

Started noting good hands and bad hands today - can see where I was going wrong hard.

Tomorrow I will track all my games and placing so I can track my progress -

Entered another free roll 11600+ players - Placed 288 winning another 77c

#9053654383 this was the hand that knocked me out, not sure how to put it replayer at the moment, if someone look  at this can you tell me where I went wrong? Like was this the wrong time to go all in etc???


till next time,

Muzz out